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Wood Vault

Quilted MahoganyThe Tree Mahogany- The rarest and most highly prized back and side wood in all of guitardum. Very rare, very beautiful, amazing sounding and VERY difficult to bend! But, worth it!

Claro Walnut - The native walnut tree to California produces inferior nuts so often English walnut is grafted onto Claro root stock (English walnut can't survive it the typical California soil)

This grafting produces some of the most beautiful multi colored guitar sets, some actually showing the actual graft line with English on one side and Claro on the other. Make wonderful "woody" sounding guitars.

Figured Koa - One of the most beautiful guitar woods. Typically produces a brighter sounding guitar 

Brazilian Rosewood - Long-standing favorite of guitar afficiandos for many years... and with good reason! No wood quite compares to the bell-like quality of Brazilian. Rare and a challenge to sell outside iof the US because of it CITES status. But all sets are "Pre-CITES" (awaiting documentation)

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Bastogne Walnut - This hybrid tree that results from the nuts produced from grafted Claro/English trees cannot reproduce so therefore it is very rare. It's also much harder than either of it's parent trees, close to rosewood in fact. As such it tends to produce guitars with a rosewood sound.