Harvey Leach  Custom Inlays and Guitars 

Differemt choices can greatly affect the final price of a "Build Your Own" version. A fully inlaid build using Brazilian or The Tree will end up in the $40,000 + range. At the other end a more basic build using standard woods and, lets say, just the rosette would be under $14,000.00

50th Anniversary Celebration

About the inlays

The inlays are available in 2 styles;

1: Traditional "all shell" just like when I started 50 years ago

2: Realistic "full color" more of what I'm known for these days.

Of course a combination of the 2 is always an option as well.

Ideas to make your guitar unique:

Different shells for traditional inlays (using more colorful shells like abalone and Paua shell)

Different color scheme for realistic inlays (using more reds and pinks for instance)

Mixing traditional and realistic for inlays

Different woods for the guitar itself (for instance Bear-claw spruce or Lucky Strike redwood, figured walnut etc.)

OM size guitar

Not using the full inlay set

50 years is a long time to go without holding a real job... But somehow I managed to do it!

In celebration of that feat I have decided to offer up some very special wood combos along with a special inlay pattern.

First off, I'll be building 2 guitars, one Brazilian and one Tree Mahogany, my finest sets of each! With these two guitars my hope is to tell the story of when I first started and where I am now. If you are interested in either of these guitars or just want to hear more about them follow the links below.

Brazilian 50th Anniversary


Tree Mahogany 50th Anniversary 

                                              50th Anniversary Inlays

Option 3... Design your own!  I am making the 50th Anniversary inlays available to be added to any guitar you may choose. You can add as many areas to a guitar as you desire, for instance you could just get the fretboard inlays, or you could get the headstock and fretboard inlays... or the headstock, fretboard and pickguard and so on. 

I'm doing this so that as many customers as possible can enjoy this special milestone of mine. The only rule is the guitar needs to use a different combination of materials or features (inlay combinations, woods and or body style)) from anyone else's so that each guitar is unique. If you have an interest in designing your own let me know. I am happy to help you get something special and unique and advise you of options that are available. You can get started by following the link below and deciding which inlays and features suit your needs. Below are also some examples of possible unique versions