50th Anniversary Celebration

Dread 1 - All shell/Brazilian (this is the Special Edition Brazilian)            

Dread 2 - Full color/Tree Mahogany (Special edition Tree)                      

Dread 3 - Combination inlays/Brazilian                                                     
Dread 4 - Combination/Tree 

Dread 5 - Full Color/Brazilian

                                                        Dread 6 - All shell/Tree   

          All shell Inlays       Combination Shell/Full color Inlays      Full Color Inlays  

50 years is a long time to go without holding a real job... But somehow I managed to do it!

In celebration of that feat I have decided to offer up some very special wood combos along with a special inlay pattern.

First off, I'll be building 2 "Special Edition" guitars, one Brazilian and one Tree Mahogany, my finest sets of each! With these two guitars my hope is to tell the story of when I first started and where I am now. If you are interested in either of these guitars or just want to hear more about them follow the links below.

Brazilian 50th Anniversary Special Edition


Tree Mahogany 50th Anniversary Special Edition


In addition to the 2 "Special Edition" guitars shown above, I'm also offering 4 more dreadnoughts and 6 OM sized guitars (for a total of 6 of each)

Each one will be unique, using the 3 basic inlay styles; All Shell, Full Color and Combination shell and full color and using the 2 wood choices the following choices are available, first come first served!

Harvey Leach  Custom Inlays and Guitars 

About the inlays

The inlays are available in 2 styles;

1: Traditional "all shell" just like when I started 50 years ago

2: Realistic "full color" more of what I'm known for these days.

Of course a combination of the 2 is always an option as well.

OM 1 - All shell/Brazilian

OM 2 - Full color/Tree

OM 3 - Combination/Brazilian

OM 4 - Combination/Tree

OM 5 - Full Color/Brazilian

OM 6 - All Shell/Tree