The above inlays are examples of what I have done in the past, any of these can be recreated and inlaied into whatever you choose. The prices show are general for inlays similar in size and composition however prices can vary greatly because of the design time and consulting/planning time as well as the amount of detail and materials.

Custom inlays are very time consuming so understand that there will be a bit of a wait depending on the complexity and the amount of work that is ahead of you in the queue. I require a 1/3 deposit at the time you order and the balance prior to shipping. Pricing is based on materials and complexity. Please feel free to contact me with any pricing or availability questions you might have.

If you are like me and really don't want to wait for things I do have a few inlayed items listed below. These will also give you a general idea of what some non-guitar inlay items might cost.

Vintage Cars - Private Collection

12" X 24"

Mother of Pearl, aluminum, ebony, turquoise, Corian

​Approximate Price - $15,000.00

Below are some ideas of inlays that can be used as hanging art. However, keep in mind that inlay can be used on just about any flat or slightly curved surface that is made from a material that can be routed with standard carbide bits. Things like furniture, kitchen cabinets, decorative boxes and even jewelry. Also as you look through this site keep in mind that if you see something that you like that is on a guitar or other object it is most likely something that could be inlayed into many other things. Look around and feel free to be inspired as to the almost limitless possibilities of my inlay work.

Dragon Pen Box

Inlay Materials - Mammoth Ivory, Coral, MOP, Spiny Oyster, Rodenite, Turquoise, Walnut and Acrylic.

Box - Figured Walnut

Price - $1500.00 SOLD

Western Mantle Piece

Inlay Materials - Ebony,  Malachite, Corain, Copper, Silver, Mammoth Ivory, Obsidian, Mother of Pearl and black and white stone.

Mounting Base - Highly figured Claro Walnut

Price - $2500.00

Oak  Er Lang Shen Light

Inlay Materials - Corian, Obsidian, Silver, Coral, MOP, Jade, Mammoth Ivory and Ebony

Lamp- Black Oak Burl

Price - $3200.00

Fine Inlay Art Pieces

(No Strings attached!)

Framed Long Tiger

Inlay Materials - Crushed Mother-of Pearl, Ebony, Turquoise, Bone, Rodenite, Spiny Oyster.

Mounting Board - Flamed Koa

Frame - Figured Claro Walnut

Price - $800.00

Notes: This can also be mounted to a lighted box and used as a night light, ask for details


Inlayed Serving Tray

Inlay Materials - Malachite, Pink Clamshell, Turquoise, Coral and Rippled Abalone.

Tray - Walnut Burl and Birds-eye Maple

Price $650.00SOLD

​The Mansion in Snow 

12" X 24"

Mother of Pearl, Corian, Turquoise, ebony

Approximate Price - $15,000.00

Harvey Leach  Custom Inlays and Guitars