Harvey Leach  Custom Inlays and Guitars 

~Harvey’s incredible inlays have graced my guitars for many years. And I have had the pleasure of his friendship for even longer. Harvey is on the short list of the top three inlays artists on the planet. He has pushed the craft in new and daring directions, achieving details and effects that have established a benchmark few can reach. His inlays are technical marvels, but (and this is what matters the most to me) his inlays are also breathtaking. Never is it technical wizardry for its own sake. It is always mind-numbing precision in the service of art. Harvey is the consummate professional, and it has been great working with him all these years. He is also hilarious and wry. And these are goods characteristics when you are doing work at his level—work that would send most of us into a sweat-drenched, detail-laden, eye-straining exhaustion.

Kevin Ryan -Ryan Guitars

 Harvey Leach is a master craftsman and superb inlay artist. I am proud to have collaborated with him in the past.

James Olson - Olson Guitars

I first noticed Harvey Leach’s incredible inlay work at my home in 2004 when the Martin West Coast sales manager came by my house to deliver a D100 I had purchased and showed me the “Hot Rod” Martin that Harvey did that was a tribute to all the cool hot rods we saw growing up. I fell in love with the detail, the absolute artistry of the guitar and although I foolishly did not buy it, having just spent a bundle on the D100, I vowed that I would have a “Harvey Leach” guitar sometime in the future. Then at that summer’s NAMM show in Anaheim in the Martin booth I saw “Medieval” . Simply, one of the most gorgeous guitars I have ever seen with inlay work that uses cuts of mother of pearl for clouds so thin that you san see the dragon flying through them. It is a fantastic piece of art that brings chills to everyone that sees my collection. I also own a few other guitars that Harvey did the work on, but truly one of the finest examples of his art is the Voyage Air guitar I commissioned him to do to celebrate my wedding to my beautiful bride in 2008. He designed a tribute not only to our wedding with an inlayed replica of our carriage ride to the ceremony in the pick guard, but also a homage to our Celtic roots with an Irish goddess in the headstock and Celtic knots on the fret board. It is beautiful and extremely personal. Harvey’s artistry makes some of the most beautiful sounding guitars look just as spectacular. He is an Artist.

Ron Morrow - Collector