Harvey Leach  Custom Inlays and Guitars 

Winery Guitar

The Winery Guitar was built to be and companion to the 9 Suns Guitar as they both reside on permanent display at the new 9 Suns Winery in St. Helena CA. The inlays use Walnut, Malichite and Sugulite to create the vines, leaves and grapes. the wine bottle is cut from a synthetic "jade" which has a translucent characteristic that helps to create the illusion of dark green glass. The wine glass is cut from mother of pearl and dark red spiny oyster to create the wine. Next a layer of thin MOP is overlaid on the spiny oyster to create the holographic "Smoke and Mirrors" effect.

The guitar features a very special top cut from planks salvaged from an old winery which was disaasembled after nearly 70 years of usage. I call this wood "Winewood".