Harvey Leach  Custom Inlays and Guitars 

These vines are an example of how the same basic design can be changed to create new and different looks. The first vine was the original pattern, it is cut entirely from different types of shell. It has birds and butterflies which are the actually fret position markers. The second vine was a modification used for the Cherub guitar. This vine used recon stone for the flowers and leaves. The third example was for the project for Martin (the Melissa Vine guitar) This time Corian was used for the leaves and the vine stocks are cut from wood.

Click for close-ups of custom vines

Headstock vines can be added. Usually elements of the fretboard design are used to create a nice match. As an example; 1 and 2 are extensions of standard vines 1 and 5 and would be approximately 1/3 the price of the fretboard.

Example 3 is an extension of a custom vine. Vine 4 is an extension of my Cherub guitar fretboard. Vine 5 is from a special project from Martin guitars. These 3 vines are all hand cut and require special techniques and handling and are "one-of-a-kind" therefor carry a much higher price tags. Even though they are one-offs often variations on the same theme can be used to create a new original design with a similar or even dramatically different feel. In the close ups below you can explore these designs in more detail. Please call if you have questions about the cost of custom vines.

Examples of vines

Vine 1 - $650.00

Vine 2 - $650.00

Vine 3 - $750.00

Vine 4 - $1000.00

Vine 5 - $1200.00

Prices are for new fretboards that have not been attached to necks. Additional charges will be added on a per-case basis for adding inlays to existing guitars.

Click for lose up of vine 5