Harvey Leach  Custom Inlays and Guitars 

Tropical Sea Guitar

ThisTropical Sea Guitar features 2 of the rarest and most exotic woods; Millennium Redwood - from a tree removed for health reason from the campus of Sacramento State University and Tree Mahogany, widely considered the most collectable guitar wood in the world. This particular set is nicknamed "Xenomorph" because of the Rorschach-like effect creating what reminded me of the famous creature from the Alien movies. This is also the first guitar I've built using a Tree mahogany neck. The binding is koa with red purfling Not only are these woods visually off the charts they also combine for create an amazing sounding instrument.

The inlays are composed of various synthetic and nature shell as well as stone, wood and Corian. Body trim is paua shell.

‚ÄčLimited Edition - #1 of 5