Harvey Leach  Custom Inlays and Guitars 

The headstock inlay is 2 dragons intertwined with the clouds. This is a continuation of the fretboard scene.

The first phase of inlaying the Great Wall is to create the background along with the rear sections of the wall. The hills are cut from a variety of stones including Malachite, Imperial Jade, Arizona Jade and lime green turquoise, The closer tree tops are cut from various colors or Corain.

This inlay will be on the back of the guitar (similar to the Samurai Guitar) The wood of choice here is Malaysian Blackwood, a wood said to have similar acoustic qualities to Brazilian Rosewood... but I've never built with it before.

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I always like to have a challenging project going. Everyonce in a while I come up with something that pushes me to new levels and challenges me to come up with new ways to solve seemingly impossible hurdles along the way. These are usually created in my spare time rather than a commission from a customer. I part is suppose because seldom does someone come along who wants to wait years for a completion date but also partly because these are "Labors of Love" for me and offer a little respite from the trappings of things like budget constraints and due dates. As an example, at this point the Great wall has been "in the works" for almost 3 years... and I have just now finished the back inlay! This is not to say these projects are not for sale (because they are!) but more like they are waiting for the right person to come along. If this is the sort of thing that interests you then please let me know, otherwise just enjoy the show.

A mere 2 years later... and the back inlay is complete! For the bricks I used Padouk and Bubinga. The canyon wall is cut from figured mahogany.

The Great Wall