Harvey Leach  Custom Inlays and Guitars 

Inlay Services

I offer a full spectrum inlay service from intricate hand cut one-of-a-kind projects to custom logos and fret markers. No project is too small or too big, too involved or too simple. I can cut logos for your headstock, either one or many. I can supply inlays either ready to inlay or already inlaid into your choice of either my hand selected materials or those that you provide to me.

I do require a $50.00 minimum and charge at a rate of $50.00 per hour. I can provide you with a quote for your project or you can order from my selection of available designs.

Each available design is cut to order so you can select the materials from the vast pallet of shell, wood, recon stone and synthetics. As a rule the cost of materials is fairly minimal in the overall cost of an inlay, unless of course you desire a precious mental like gold, silver or platinum or an exotic shell such as turbo shell, Green sea snail or Green abalone heart. My preference is to use laminated shell (Abalam) whenever possible because of the savings in both layout and cutting time plus the savings of a valuable resource the Abalam process affords. As a rule laminated shell looks better on darker materials such as green abalone and paua shell with lighter shell (particularly MOP) tending to look better in solid. Solid generally is better for really fine lined work as well. The cost of cutting solid shell is a pure labor cost so figure about 30% more hours with solid over laminated.

You may supply your custom design as a simple sketch or as a completed drawing or I can even create a design based on your verbal description or even clipart. My rate for design work is the same as my inlay rate so the less design work I have to do the more you will have in your budget for inlays.

For multiple inlay projects such as headstock logos, position markers or standardized patterns such as headstock "torches" will have a onetime set up fee that will be amortized into the first run of parts.

I can also create custom items such as truss rod covers and pickguards from wood, Abalam or high density synthetics such as phenolic or polyester. These can be cut to match existing ones or your custom designs. I can also create custom bridges to your design.

I also have decided to reintroduce my "Wrapped Tuner Buttons." Several years ago I made fairly large quantities of these buttons for Fender and Paul Reed Smith which they used on limited edition guitars as well as custom shop one-offs. These buttons are available wrapped in just about any material that will follow the curves of the standard or mini Schaller/Gotoh style pearloid buttons. Materials include many varieties of wood veneer, abalone shell and celluloid.

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