Harvey Leach  Custom Inlays and Guitars 

Price List Notes

Added Costs

~ Material cost may influence these prices if they are unusually large or from a costly material such as gold or silver.

~ Prices are quoted cut from laminated shell or materials similar in cutting difficulty.

Cutting solid shell and some metals adds about 30% due to the added time required to cut and sand.

~ The price shown for logos is for one that can be generated with a  computer type font. Custom logos requiring hand drawn or vector drawn patterns will require a set up fee which will be amortized over the first order. Future orders using the same design will be for the base cost only.

~ There will be additional costs for inlaying into existing parts that require extra work such as refinishing, refretting. or disassemble/reassembly

~ Inlaying into items such as completed instruments that require special care and handling may incure additional cost due to their awkward  nature.

~ All shipping and handling shall be added to the final cost.

~ Shipping items inlaid with natural shell (including Abalam) outside of the US requires special permits from US Fish and Game. The cost of this permit is $99.00 at the time of this posting. This amount plus a special handling fee will be applied to all non-us orders. The application time for this permit is approximately 2 months. Once application is filed for fees cannot be refunded.


~ Inlays may be supplied as loose parts, loose parts with pre-cut cavities in the material of your choice or inlaid and sanded flat into the material of your choice. Prices shown are for inlaid and sanded flat in a material supplied by you. I can supply materials if you prefer.

~ I can create parts to be inlaid as well such as your custom headstock shapes, pickguards or truss rod covers.

~ Cutting or recutting fretslots is also available at an additional cost.

I offer both hand cut as well as machine cut inlays. Generally, unless otherwise specified, I will choose which one fits your budget with the best possible result, however some may be only available as hand cut while others may be a combination of both.

Prices do not include the cost of creating custom patterns and design work. Design work is at a rate of $50.00 per hour. Discounts may apply to custom designs that I can offer in the future to other customers.

Not just for Instruments!

Inlays can be for just about anything that is made of wood or a material soft enough for the cavities to be routed with carbide tools.

Larger Quantities

Quanity discounts are available for the same piece repeated several times. A typical example would be headstock logos for builders or a fretboard or headstock inlay pattern that might be used for a limited edition model. Please call for a quote.


All projects will be prepaid in full prior to shipping. More elaborate projects may require a deposit and partial payments throughout their creation.