Harvey Leach  Custom Inlays and Guitars 

C.F. Martin Fire and Ice Limited Edition

I have been working with Martin for over 18 years, until now everything we have done together has been a one of a kind guitar. For this project we decided to try doing a limited edition. Doing a few rather than one results in a great deal to the consumer with a price of $39,999.00 (I believe the one of a kinds I've done in the past were between $100 -$120K) If you are interested contact your favorite Martin dealer!

The Inlays tell the story of opposing forces, but you can decide whether it's the story of conflict or one of unity. The fretboard Phoenix rising from the fire and the headstock dragon breaking free from the ice can be viewed as struggle or as rebirth. On the pickguard the dragon and phoenix are locked in battle...or are they? The orientation was intentionally used to also portray the classic symbol of Yin and Yang which would signify balance and a combining of forces to create something greater. Of course there is also the fact that using the orientation allows them to fit the space better! You can decide for yourself what speaks to you.

The colors of the materials were also chosen to represent hot and cold; blues for the dragon and reds for the phoenix. Of course I had to find a way to use my Smoke and Mirrors technique and in fact it was the catalyst for the concept of the theme. Probably one of the most difficult things to create with inlay is ice but the thin shell worked perfectly. I did have to break some new ground however since I had never done the technique over such a large area.

The guitar itself is of course pretty nice as well. Martin D 45 Golden Era with Bear-claw Engelmann top and Madagascar rosewood back and sides. I'm not sure if you can up grade to Brazilian or not but you can always ask I suppose. If you need more here is a link to the Martin website page (but you have to promise to come back!) 

​Martin Fire and Ice