Harvey Leach  Custom Inlays and Guitars 

Complex assemblies are inlays that are more detailed and require multiple steps to assemble all of the pieces. Often these assemblies require combining several different materials to get the contrast and detail needed. These inlays are much more time consuming because of the size and delicacy of so many tiny parts. Because of that they require that pieces be cut and assembled as I build the piece whereas with simple assemblies often the pieces are all cut and then assembled after all the parts are cut. This is also the first level of inlay work that requires creating inlays that are then in turn inlaid into other inlays. Above is an inlay of a cat with two tails and a six-shooter. This is the mascot of the F-14 Tomcat pilots, below is the completed inlay of the arm patch and an example of and inlay into an inlay. This concept is the basis for much of the really detailed work that I do. The more detailed the inlay the more times I have had to repeat the process.

Examples of Complex Assemblies

Simple assemblies are not necessarily simple looking but rather made up of larger less complex pieces. Prices for simple assemblies generally depend on the number of pieces and more importantly, the number of saw cuts and or steps required to assemble the pieces as well as the amount of time required to properly align the pieces in the cavities.

Examples of simply assemblies