Harvey Leach  Custom Inlays and Guitars 

These examples of logos are the exclusive property of the manufactures and cannot be used on anything other than products made by those companies. These examples are meant to illustrate the various styles that logos can take from a standard script font to original pieces of artwork designed exclusively for a brand. Prices for custom logos will always be on an individual basis but as a guideline, a logo such as my Leach will be less expensive than something along the lines of the Martin and D'Angelico logos. Additionally multiple pieces like the Martin logo will add to the final cost.

Individual shapes generally don't alter the overall price significantly unless they have interwoven parts or a lot of fine details.

Triplet inlays are basically a combination of single inlays. Often upper frets will be single inlays and then as the frets get closer together become triplets. It is also not uncommon for position markers to alternate from singles to triples (or even doubles)

Individual Inlays