‚ÄčThe Apostle Guitar

The Apostle Guitar is built from two of the rarest and most highly sought after tonewoods, Lucky Strike Redwood for the soundboard and The Tree, a quilted mahogany of unmatched beauty and sonic qualities.

The headstock inlay is of St. Peter with his keys to the kingdom and utilizes my "Smoke and Mirrors" to show the beautiful gardens of heaven beyond the gate. The fretboard and bridge inlays are the symbols associated with each of the Apostles. The rosette is a crown of thorns cut from Koa (an Acacia which is presumed also to be the wood the Ark of the Covenant was made from) and a cross. The pickguard and soundhole inlays depict the moment when Judas left the dinner. 

Harvey Leach  Custom Inlays and Guitars