Harvey Leach  Custom Inlays and Guitars 

The slices and veneers are glued and clamped. The aluminum is to assure that the layup stays perfectly straight. When gluing end grain it likes to curve!

Slices are cut from the end of a Padouk board to slightly larger than the width of the bricks. Each slice is then thickness sanded to the exact width of a brick minus the mortar. every other slice is then flipped end to end. This will change the look of bricks slightly.

Building a Great Wall

Here the slices are in the correct order. If you look closely you can see that the brick size matches the drawing.

Thin white veneers are added between the slices to create the mortar. Also here a check is made to assure that all the thicknesses are adding up to the same width as the picture... it's really easy to have a slight error multiply after all the pieces are combined.

Click images for close ups

The same methods are used to create the curved wall, however different size strips are used to vary the lengths as the wall curves.

After the glue sets the face is sanded flat. Now you can see how alternating the slices makes realistic looking bricks with color variations that don't like up.

The final blank will be cut into 1/16" slices. It will yield several slices more than I'll need. But I always like to have too many rather than not enough!

The first layup was half the width of the wall so the layup is cut in half and then glued together to create a piece that is the width of the wall drawing plus one brick.

Making bricks without straw... (in  my Yule Brenner voice)